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Brauerei Sutton

Brauerei Sutton

BRAUEREI SUTTON's Swiss Real Ales are brewed using only traditional English real ale brewing methods. We use freshly crushed Maris Otter pale ale malted barley sourced from the 1855 Warminster Maltings in England, a variety of English hops (in pellets) and pure Swiss water.

BRAUEREI SUTTON's Swiss Real Ales are fermented with top-fermenting ale-specific live yeast. All of our real ales are unfiltered and unpasteurised and so contain a modicum of natural (healthy) yeast/sediment (naturtrüb). Secondary fermentation/conditioning happens in the vessel from which the ales are served; so yes, our ales are genuine Real Ales! This means of course, that no extra CO2 or Nitrogen is added to help serve the ales, or to help make them fizzy. Our ales condition naturally in the bottle and they continue to improve/mature over time (years).

BRAUEREI SUTTON'S Swiss Real Ales are brewed with pure Swiss mountain water from the Kanton of Nidwalden in Central Switzerland. The brewery is located in an old butcher's premesis in the town of Dallenwil which is situated at an altitude of 545 meters above sea-level. This amazingly pure Swiss water has no chlorine content, is relatively hard and contains good levels of a variety of important minerals; so in these ways, it is very similar to the famous brewing water of Burton-upon-Trent, England, the spiritual home of English real ale  brewing.....

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